GNOMEAGEDDON is a one day gaming retreat where table-top gamers are provided with a space to play their games and meet new gamers. It is a celebration of the gaming community with food, prizes, and of course games. Registared gamers get a free T-shirt. REGISTRATION IS CLOSED!!!

Your donation will be put directly into this event. The more you give, the more you get. Give Generously.

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Where is this event?

You will find us at The Comfort Inn & Suites in Plattsburgh, NY. Please enter from the main enterance. There will be signs and arrows. LINK

Where do the games come from?

Many of the Gnomes bring games from their own collections to make a make shift library. If there is a game you own and want to play you are welcome to bring it.

Do I need to sign up for slots?

No sir, we are infact "Nonchalant" about this. Which means there may be a little down time here and there between games. Perhaps just enough time to grab a pint or glass of wine from the Plattsburgh Brewing Co. Which is just a door away.

What kind of food is available for FREE?

We will provide snack food such as apples, chips, cookies, as well as coffee, water and soda pop.

Can I bring my kids?

This event is for adults. Most of the games we play can be complex and have steep learning curves. Keeping this in mind, of course if you don't mind watching them.

Where does the money from my donation go?

We try to put all the money directly into the event. Most of the money will go to the room, t-shirts, food, and prizes. If there is money left over it goes towards the next event. The budget is pretty tight. The most money we ever made was $60 and the most we lost was $35. The event in 2017 was the first year the event covered all its losses. Thanks everyone for making Gnomeageddon!!!



    Contact Us: Do you have questions? We'd be happy to answer them! Please feel free to contact these folks for more information: